How to create self-care goals for your mindset

It's thought that humans can experience as many as 34,000 emotions.  This is an incredibly wide range of emotions. It's exhausting even thinking about it.

For many of us the way we feel goes far beyond simple explainers like "happy," "sad" or "angry". We have access to a smorgasbord of emotions day to day (or minute to minute). And with all that activity going on in our brains, it's not surprising that we can struggle to keep a handle on all this activity.   If you want to manage an unpleasant feeling, it's critical to introduce self-care habits into your routine. One particularly effective way to do this is by creating self-care goals.  

We've collated a list of some of our favourite examples to help you start on this journey: 

Goal #1: Better understand your emotions:

When you say you feel stressed, what do you mean? Are you overwhelmed? Frustrated? Feeling abandoned? There are loads of emotions moving through our bodies; learning to better recognise what we’re experiencing can help us to process those feelings.

Try mindful journaling (we have a guide available on the Mindology app) to reflect on your day and your emotions. 

Goal #2: Become more grateful:

Unlikely though it may sound, practising gratitude during difficult times is a powerful way to shift your mindset. Daily recognition of all the things you are lucky to have will do wonders for connecting to the cup is half full mindset. Try our daily gratitude session on the Mindology app, and see how it impacts your mood.

Goal #3: Learn which mindfulness tools work for you:

Mindfulness comes in many forms. Not all of them will be right for you, and that's perfectly normal. Something as simple as knitting or cooking up a big meal might suit you, or maybe something more traditional like meditation or connecting with nature is more your style? Either way, it's important to tap into what works for you. 

By setting these goals for yourself, you're committing to carving out time to care for your mind. Build into your routine lifestyle choices that support your mental wellbeing.

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