Body Confidence : How Self-Hypnosis can help ConfidenceMindset

Feeling comfortable in our bodies and accepting ourselves can be liberating.  Our bodies can make many of us feel vulnerable; seeing ourselves naked can bring negatives feelings from judgment, criticism, a sense of failure, or disappointment and can deflate our confidence. Yet self-acceptance is empowering.


No one is perfect, even supermodels feel flawed. Paulina Porizkova recently posted on Instagram that when she was what many consider the ‘prime years’ her 20’s, she felt inadequate and compared herself to other models. Interestingly, recently Paula also posted a liberating shot of herself completely naked.


Self- hypnosis works by combining being in a meditative calm state with the power of words and affirmations. Our inner dialogue to ourselves is enormously powerful, and for many, we mindlessly speak to ourselves in negative ways – harsh, critical judgemental voices. And over time, this becomes our norm, our internal reality. Self-hypnosis can help us change that inner dialogue to a more self-accepting one, a more self-assured and positive inner dialogue. 


The process of self-hypnosis is simple and can be done anytime, anywhere, even in the nude! The first step is to take yourself into a calmer, more relaxed state, quietening your busy, overthinking mind, and accessing the subconscious mind, where you can start to plant new seeds of beliefs about yourself—moving from negative thoughts and beliefs to more positive, accepting, and loving ones. Often in our search for self-improvement, we can forget to pause and be happy and grateful for all we have.  


Bath or Shower Self-Hypnosis

Begin by taking yourself into a calm state whilst in the bath or shower.


Start your self-hypnosis with some deep breathing (4: 8 breathing – that’s 4 inhales and 8 exhales out, which activates the Vagus Nerve, which is healing in itself) and much like a prayer or mantra, do a body scan showing gratitude for every part of your body.


As you feel the water on your body and skin, slowly working your way down your body, be grateful and thank your body for all it does for you. 


Begin at the top of your head and be grateful for your ears that hear and listen to so many incredible sounds such as birds singing in the morning, your mouth that speaks and expresses your thoughts, as well as hydrating and nourishing you with water and food you consume.


Your eyes for giving you your vision, so that you can see the incredible colours of our beautiful world. Thanking your arms for holding your loved ones and carrying everything you need. Your fingers and hands that do so much each and every day. 


Move your thoughts down to your legs and knees, that magically, without any conscious thought, move you around, taking you to all the places you want to go.


Say the words in your mind, really connect to the feeling and emotion of your words of gratitude. Genuinely say thank you to your body and all it does for you. It may not be the perfect size or shape, but no one’s body is - not even a supermodel.


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