Mental Wellbeing: Where to start?

Your mental wellbeing is one of the most valuable assets you can invest in. This element of your health is tied tightly to your daily life, impacting your work; relationships and even physical wellbeing. So it's not something you want to ignore.

So, where should you begin?  There are three areas that you can focus on to really start to see an improvement in your well-being - your breathing, sleep and social connections.   Here’s a little insight into why these areas, in particular, are so significant.


Our breath is our anchor. It can centre us when things feel frantic; connecting us back to the present moment. Learning to breathe deeply and use breathing techniques as a way to calm the mind in stressful times is an essential tool in a busy life.  On the Mindology app, you’ll find a simple breathing meditation designed to quieten your mind and help you access a tranquil mindset.


Poor sleep quality is the enemy of a clear thinking, it affects our memory, concentration and focus (the list is much longer than that too!) However, if you find  that you struggle to get a restful sleep each night. There are helpful techniques you can use to improve your relationship with the pillow.

Try an End of the Day Cleanse with Mindology to wipe your mind of negative thoughts or excessive rumination. Or a gentle Body Scan mindfulness session may help? We use this technique to relax the muscles; telling the body it’s time for rest and downtime.


Feeling connected in our relationships sits at the heart of our happiness. If you’re able to maintain healthy relationships with effective communication, your days will feel richer for it.   Work on this ability by becoming more mindful of how you speak and interact with others. Use our Mindful Speech tool to strengthen your skills in considering the words you choose, how you listen and the ways these elements impact your connections.

By harnessing the power of healthy breathing, sleep and connections, you can develop self care routines that support your mental wellbeing.    Build habits that support these areas. 

Enjoy the journey!

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