Confidence Mindset Series : Self-Talk

Confidence.... it’s a trait many of us aspire to master. More than just a sense of self-belief, developing our confidence in ourselves can help with stress and overall mental well-being.   

Firstly, confidence is not an innate or fixed characteristic, that you have or don't have.  It is something you can work on and improve over time.  It's also not all-encompassing; you can have high self-esteem in one area of life, and low self-esteem in others.

Managing our internal voice is an important step towards self-compassion and building a positive, more confident mindset for ourselves.  How can you feel confident in yourself if you’re continually telling yourself you’re not good enough?    Learning techniques to change your self-talk, and managing that inner critic is an important first step to improve your confidence over time.

To begin your journey towards increased confidence, start by paying attention to the voice that echoes inside your head every day. Is it helpful? Or is it harsh, hurtful and judgemental?  

Learning to manage that inner voice can bring positive changes to your life. On the Mindology app, you’ll find resources to:

  • help you identify your inner critic dialogue
  • understand your triggers and start to move towards an inner friend mindset.
  • help in creating more productive thought patterns for yourself.

These techniques are designed to improve the relationship you have with your mind – allowing you to build on your confidence and strengthen it like a muscle.  

We start this process by asking you to reframe your inner critic dialogue with a more loving approach. Swap thoughts of negativity (“You’re terrible at this”) with words of encouragement (“I’m proud of myself for trying something new”).   

The Mindology App has a range of resources designed to help you every step of the way, including the Inner Critic to Inner Friend Journal which is available to download on the app.   Another great session to listen to is - the Self-Belief Bubble - give yourself a self belief boost with this session.

If you are ready to really create change for yourself enrol in our Confidence Workshop.

Download the Mindology App - an app to calm and empower the mindset available on the app store and googleplay.